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Current version: v1.21 January 14, 2004
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About WunderWeather Checker
What does it do?

Wunderground.com provides html code to allow users to put a weather "sticker" of a city's forecast on his/her web page. WunderWeather Checker takes the sticker concept a bit further and add some dynamic flare.
WunderWeather Checker is a simple php script that allows you to retreive weather information from www.wunderground.com quickly and easily. Simply enter your city (cities with with multiple names only need a space to separate; eg New Haven) and choose your state, and you will receive a weather forecast for your selected city. The script can be run by itself, or can be "included" or "required" in a larger php script. The developer is in now way affiliated with wunderground.com, nor is this project supported by wunderground.com

How does it work?
Wunderground.com uses a set infrastructure of paths and file names so the personal weather stickers work. So the path to Hartford Connecticut's forecast would be http://www.wunderground.com/us/ct/hartford.html, and the path to the image banner for the sticker would be http://....www/US/CT/hartford.gif. Different cities and different banner styles have different paths. When you enter your city and state, WunderWeather Checker fills in all of your information and adds it to the path to pull down the image and create the link to the forecast.

You can either access the script directly on your website - wunder.php, or include in a larger php script.
Simply copy it to your web directory.
To include it in a larger script, follow these steps:
1) Rename your html page from file.html to file.php
2) Paste this into your html code where you would like weather checker to appear:
<?php require ('wunder.php'); ?>
You must place wunder.php in the same directory as the script you added this code to
3) To format it, treat the chunk of code like an image. To center it do this:
<center> <?php require('wunder.php'); ?> </center>

Here is what it looks like being included in another page:

Choose a City and a State for a Wunderground.com forecast
Put spaces between cities with multiple names - eg: New Haven
WunderWeather Checker v1.21
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Here is how it looks stand alone --> wunder.php

What is coming in the next version?
The next version will utilize cookies to allow the user to set his/her default city so each time they visit the page, WunderWeather Checker will show the preferred city forecast first. Also, there will be a control panel, so the user can set which type of weather sticker he/she wishes to have displayed, (there are 6 or 8 different looks). Finally, an option to include sun and moon rise/set (a new option offered by wunderground).